The Lord’s Supper


1. What is it? (1 COR. 11:23-26)


(1) It is a simple act.  (2) It is a reminder. (3) It is a symbol. (4) It is a statement of faith.




Only those who are already believers (demonstrated by getting baptized) (Mark 14:22-26)




(1) Self-examination 1 Cor. 11:27

(2) Confessing my sins 1 John 1:9

(3) Recommitment Romans 12:1

(4) Restoring relationships Matthew 5:23-24




Jesus never said when or how often believers should observe The Lord’s Supper. Since it is a ‘supper’, it may seem more appropriate to observe it at an evening service. Since our Sunday morning service is designed so you can bring your non-believing friends, we only take The Lord’s Supper at that service once a month (the first Sunday of each month – asking only those who have Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord and been baptized to prove their faith publicly to participate).


Now that we have moved our Sunday service to online, until we move the service back to in-person meeting, we will use small group meetings for taking the Lord’s Supper (once a month), presided by pastor Peter. For this purpose, we will have a joint small group meeting at least once a month, preferably the first Friday of each month (or special Friday meeting -such as Good Friday – can substitute the first Friday).


5. HOW?


(1) The same participation principles (Believers who’ve been baptized) are applied.


Q) Why not anyone?


A) Participation in the Lord’s Supper means that the participant admits that:


  • I know the meaning of the Gospel and I agree to it.

  • I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and am a follower of Jesus Christ.

  • I have already publicly demonstrated my faith by baptism.

  • I am a member of God’s family.

  • I am called to serve God’s purpose.


Therefore, if you are not a believer, then there is no reason for you to participate in it. What’s important is that you first hear the message of the Gospel for your understanding and decision. The Gospel itself is an invitation to all people. So, after you have heard the Gospel, you understand it and want to accept Jesus Christ and what He has done for you, you can be baptized and participate in the Lord’s Supper. Until you make the decision, you can observe and learn more about the Lord’s Supper for your understanding.


(2) Each participant prepares two of their own communion materials


  • A piece of bread: In case you don’t have a bread, you can use a piece of cookie, cracker, or biscuit. Bread in the Bible symbolizes our spiritual life source that is Jesus Christ. By taking something that can nourish our body, we are confessing that Jesus is our life and He can give us eternal life.


  • A small cup of grape juice: In case you don’t have grape juice, you can use a cup of clean water, coffee, other kind of juice, or milk. The usual material would be grape juice at NVCCC. However, since we are quarantining ourselves these days, some people may not have the juice at home. So, under the circumstance, we will use such a drink that can nourish our body in a liquid form that can symbolize Jesus’ blood that was shed for our salvation temporarily.


(3) Prepare the piece of bread and the cup of grace juice you have for the occasion, and follow the instruction from pastor Peter during the Lord’s Supper.


We will have the Lord’s Supper at the Good Friday joint small group meeting this coming Friday. All small group participants will meet together (we are using ZOOM) in the main room. After the Lord’s Supper, each small group will go to a breakout room for fellowship and Bible study. No need to come back to the main room after the bible study. If you need to be in a small group, let us know, please. (


That’s it! If you have any question or concern, let me know, please. Thank you.




1. Do I need to feel excluded from small group meetings if I am not allowed to participate in the Lord’s Supper?


No, you don’t need to feel excluded from small group meeting at all. We love you and we want you to feel welcomed, safe, and included. The Lord’s Supper itself is the Christian faith confession. If you are not a Christian, there is no reason you need to participate in it. Therefore, you don’t need to feel excluded from our small groups. Our small groups are for all people who are willing to share love and to understand Christian message.


2. What am I supposed to do while others (Christians) are doing the Lord’s Supper?


First, it does not take too much time (about 5 to 10 minutes). Two, observe and understand its meaning. The Lord’s Supper shows the core meaning of what Jesus Christ has done for those who would trust Him. Jesus wants us to understand His love first. So, wait and find out the meaning of the Lord’s Supper for your understanding as pastor Peter presides it. That’s all. 


We hope to meet you soon. Stay safe and healthy!


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