(Updated January, 2022)


Capacity limit: There is a limit of 10 people every Sunday.

  • 4 of the 10 - Pastor, moderator, praise leader, a/v coordinator

  • 6 of the 10 - Those attending service (*They are required to sign up.)

  • Any guests are required to provide contact information.

  • If guests appear, then members overflow into other rooms or leave to allow guests to attend the service.

Sign-ups to attend the next service open at 12PM weekly on Sunday on a first come, first serve basis


  • Chairs are placed 6 feet apart from each other to comply with social distancing measures.

  • Chairs may be rearranged to allow people from the same household to sit next to each other while still maintaining 6 feet of distance from others.



  • Masks are mandatory for all who attend service (member or guest) and must be worn at all times except when those leading parts of the service are speaking into a microphone.

  • Masks are provided for those who don't bring one.

  • Hand sanitizer is available.


Hybrid service


  • Services continue to be a live stream in the current format for those unable to attend in person.

Thank you. See you soon!

(*Each individual participant will be counted regardless of family. This means that six people are six individuals, not six families.)