New Small Group Meetings

1. Alex and Emily's Bible Reading Small Group

(Update: Due to the spread of recent COVID variant, we will meet online until further notice. Thank you for understanding.)

Hello Friends!

We want to invite you all to join us in forming a bible reading group. It’s different from a bible study in that we’ll spend the entire time taking turns reading a larger section of the bible out loud as a group. Instead of trying to pick small ideas out of a few verses, we’ll be able to see the bigger picture of the story of the text. If you look in the bible, there are many examples of scripture being read aloud in large chunks – from reading of the law to the entirety of one of Paul’s letters read to the intended audience. Think of this new group as a different and communal way to experience the bible, deeply rooted in ancient biblical culture. There are no obligations to ask or answer questions and you can even come to just sit and listen. And of course, after each session, you all are more than welcome to hang out and have some snacks.

We’ll start at 8:30pm every Thursday evening and end our reading no later than 9:30pm starting September 23rd at our house. We will be reading from the English Standard Version (ESV) and please bring a paper bible (no phones please!). If you don’t have an ESV Bible, let us know and we’ll have one available for you. There’s ample guest parking with no restrictions.

We realize there is risk with having a group of people together in a house. If you’re not comfortable gathering with other people, we totally understand and hope to have you over when the situation improves. Masks are optional and can be worn at your discretion. We trust that you will be responsible about everyone’s health, but if you are feeling sick at all or have had possible exposure to COVID, please consider the safety of others as well as our family and stay home.

If you’ve read all this and want to join, let us know by sending an email to NVCCC EM (, email subject: join Alex and Emily's bible reading small group) with your contact information. If you know our email address, you can directly send us your email. We will send you our meeting place address and parking information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Emily & Alex

2. Se's Finding Spaces (To ask the tough questions to build tough faith) Small Group Meeting

Hello everyone!

Here is some information on a small group I want to start on November 3. If you want to be a part of this small group, let us know by sending us an email (, email subject: Join Se's Finding Spaces) with your contact information. If you know my email address, you can directly send your email to me. Thank you!


Finding Spaces.png