Small Groups

Friday nights for Fellowship, Bible Study, and Prayers. Thank you for your participation. If you want to join a small group, let us know, please. Email us:

Current Small Group Study Schedule (Fridays)


7 Joint SGM

14 The Christian’s certainty

21 The Christ-Controlled Life

28 Five Principles of Growth



4 Joint SGM

11 The Christian’s Authority

18 Learning to Pray

25 The Importance of the Church



4 Joint SGM

11 What is the Christian Life?

18 Living Abundantly

25 The Abiding Life



1 Joint SGM

8 The Cleansed Life

15 Victorious in Spiritual Warfare

22 Attitude Makes the Difference

29 Who is the Holy Spirit and why Did He come?



6 Joint SGM

13 The Holy Spirit’s Relationship with You

20 The Spirit-Filled Life

27 How You Can Be Filled With the Holy Spirit?



3 Joint SGM

10 How You Can Know When You Are Filled With the Holy Spirit

17 How You Can Continue to Be Filled With the Holy Spirit

24 The Purpose of Prayer



1 Joint SGM

8 To Whom Should We Pray?

15 How to Pray With Power

22 God’s Promise About Prayer

29 The Book of Books



5 Joint SGM

12 The Central Person of the Bible

19 The Power of God’s Word

26 The Need for God’s Word



2 Joint SGM

9 Obedience – The Key to knowing God’s Will

16 Insincere Obedience (Word file)

23 Personal Purity (Word file)

30 Taming the Tongue (Word file)



7 Joint SGM

14 Why We Witness

21 Jesus Shows How to Witness

28 Qualifications for Witness



4 Joint SGM

11 God’s Ownership Over all

18 Stewardship of Our Time and Bodies

25 No SGM



2 Joint SGM

9 Stewardship of Our Talents, Gifts, and Possessions

16 Trusting God for Our Finances

23 Our Accountability to God

30 No SGM