After finishing 12 weeks' Bible Study on "Character Matters"

by Vincent Auyeung

God’s joy is greater

Even while facing troubles 

My future secure


Where do I find Him?

In the quiet place I seek

God is always there


As I learn of you

I realize my weaknesses

Through them your strength shines


My sins are heavy

My knees weak, palms are sweaty

Gone once forgiven


The world wants power

But the Lord values meekness

Glory goes to Him


Unquenchable thirst

Gatorade insufficient

Jesus satisfies


Cutoff while driving

I crave vengeance and justice

Mercy liberates


Taking the high road

The heart is the key to it

I must be on guard


A delicious fruit

Requires water, dirt, light

Starts with seed of peace


Denied what is mine

Wrongly accused and sentenced

Persist like Jesus


A perfect treasure

Lies beyond what I can see

I must be faithful


Life reconstruction

Changing lives from the inside

My example: Christ

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